Fight Dental Decay And Disease With Professional Teeth Cleaning

Plaque and tartar are your two worst enemies when it comes to oral hygiene. Left unchecked, they turn your mouth into a haven for bacteria, gum disease, and tooth decay. While daily brushing and flossing are your best defense against build-up, deposits of plaque and bacteria often hide in hard-to-reach places. Because of this, regular cleanings by your dentist are essential to keeping your mouth free of tartar and plaque. Dental cleaning also strengthens your enamel, reinforcing each tooth’s natural shield against cavities. Cape Dental Care offers complete cleaning treatments to patients all across Cape Coral and Lee County, delivered in a soothing, relaxing atmosphere that’s designed to keep you comfortable.


How Plaque And Tartar Build Up In Your Mouth

Plaque and tartar are something of a one-two punch. It all starts with plaque – the thin film of bacteria left by saliva and food on your teeth (also on your gums, your tongue, and throughout the rest of your mouth). The bacteria in plaque can irritate your gums, invite infection, and lead to weaker, less healthy teeth. Even worse, if not cleaned within twenty-four hours, plaque will attract bits of minerals like calcium and harden into tartar. Tartar, also known as dental calculus, has a much rougher surface than the rest of your teeth. This means bacteria can cling to it more easily, making plaque harder to remove. As soon as tartar build up has started, plaque (and – you guessed it! – more tartar) starts to form in layers over top of it. Tartar is harder than bone and once it’s on your teeth, it cannot be safely removed without professional attention.


Why Do My Teeth Need Professional Cleaning?

Like everyone else, you want the cleanest and healthiest teeth possible. Having your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months is crucial to making this happen. Cape Dental Care offers a complete cleaning program that safeguards against cavities, fights back disease, and prevents decay to a level that simply isn’t possible with day-to-day care. Our dentists have seen far too many patients who neglected professional cleaning, believing good daily habits were enough to keep their teeth healthy, only to come into our practice with early stages of gingivitis or cavities. On top of its preventative benefits, a thorough cleaning also leaves your teeth feeling cleaner and looking whiter.


Will My Cleaning Be Comfortable?

At Cape Dental Care, our teeth cleaning treatment is a quick and straightforward procedure, with a minimum of patient discomfort. The treatment involves the gentle use of hand tools to remove plaque and tartar, a detailed polish with a rubber-tipped brush, and a fluoride treatment in a flavour of your choice. Despite the mild nature of the procedure, some patients may suffer from nerves or heightened sensitivity. This is part of why we offer every patient our Patient Comfort Promise:


Cape Dental Care is committed to ensuring your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our dentists and support staff provide every patient with the utmost of courtesy and gentle dental care. Each treatment takes place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and every patient room offers a therapeutic view of our soothing and beautiful aviary. We also offer a wide range of anesthetics, sedatives, and pain relief options for patients whose treatments or personal needs demand them. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns with your dentist. We guarantee every effort will be made to accommodate your needs or requests.


If you believe sensitivity or nerves might impact your cleaning, speak with a member of our staff about the ways we can enhance your comfort.


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