Pain-Free, Comfortable Dental Extractions

As much as we hope to avoid it, sometimes a tooth simply needs to be removed. When this happens to you, finding a dentist who knows how to make your procedure as painless and comfortable as possible is of paramount importance. While the phrase “pulling teeth” might put you on edge, extracting a tooth doesn’t need to be discomforting or stressful. In the right hands and with the help of local anesthetic and/or sedation dentistry, your dental extraction will be totally painless. At Cape Dental Care, we’ve practiced comfortable tooth extraction since our founding in 1989, bringing pain-free, stress-free dentistry to Cape Coral and Lee County for over twenty-five years.


Your Teeth And When You Might Need An Extraction

Picture1There are numerous reasons for extractions, but the three most common are tooth decay, gum disease/periodontal disease, and dental trauma. Other reasons may include infection or risk of infection, abscess, or even crowded teeth. A good dentist tries to avoid tooth removal, and extractions are only recommended when absolutely necessary. If your tooth is selected for extraction, that means it poses a significant risk to the health of your gums, jaw bone, and/or surrounding teeth. Once an extraction has been recommended, it is essential you move quickly to reduce your chance of complications.


How Will My Extraction Be Made Comfortable?

Most extractions are short and simple procedures. Our dentists perform tooth removals using local anesthetic. This numbs the part of your mouth being treated. We also offer our patients a range of sedation dentistry options. IV sedation ensures a comfortable, dream-like procedure that many patients remember as a deep, peaceful sleep. Other patients elect for nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” to put them more at ease. Only once your comfort is ensured is your problem tooth removed. We do everything we can to reduce any pain or discomfort. It all comes down to our Patient Comfort Promise:

Cape Dental Care is committed to ensuring your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our dentists and support staff provide every patient with the utmost of courtesy and gentle dental care. Each treatment takes place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and every patient room offers a therapeutic view of our soothing and beautiful aviary. We also offer a wide range of anesthetics, sedatives, and pain relief options for patients whose treatments or personal needs demand them. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns with your dentist. We guarantee every effort will be made to accommodate your needs or requests.

Talk with your dentist about the best ways to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.


What Steps Will Be Taken After My Extraction?

After your surgery, you will be provided with gauze and painkillers to minimize any bleeding or discomfort. In some cases, your dentist will insert sutures to close the socket and reduce further bleeding. It is essential that you take time to relax and avoid strenuous activity for the first twenty-four hours following your  extraction. A diet of soft or liquid foods is advis

ed, with the slow and gradual re-introduction of solids. A recovery time of three to five days is usually sufficient for most patients to resume their normal lives.


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