Root Canals

Worry Free, Painless Root Canal Therapy

Not many people realize that a root canal treatment, sometimes called endodontic therapy, doesn’t have to be any more complicated, worrisome, or painful than a regular filling. The severe pain often associated with root canals isn’t caused by root canal therapy – it’s caused by the infection itself. Root canal infections occur when the nerve and dental pulp inside of your tooth are breached by decay and bacteria. Root Canal Therapy relieves pain and prevents further infection by clearing the infection and sealing the tooth’s problem areas. Our doctors are experts at diagnosing endodontic problems. We are one of the first practices in Cape Coral and Lee County to offer laser assisted root canal therapy, a pioneering treatment that helps clear infected pulp and tissue from inside the tooth.


When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Though the most common symptom of a root canal infection is tooth pain or sensitivity, an infection can also present itself through discoloration of the tooth or swollen, sensitive gums. Root canal infections usually happen due to cavities. If a cavity reaches the core of your tooth, its decay will quickly spread into the tooth’s nervous tissue and pulp. Due to the infection of the nerve itself, the pain felt by patients is often severe, sometimes unbearable. Root canal therapy relieves your tooth from any pain by clearing out the infected nervous tissue and pulp. It’s important to remember that root canal infections also pose serious risks to your overall dental health. If  not treated immediately, the decay can travel down the root of your tooth, or chew through its walls, causing abscess, decay, or further infection. If this happens, the damage can be deep within neighboring teeth or your gums, requiring drastic, invasive procedures. Because of this, it’s important that you act quickly if suffering from an infected root canal.


How Will My Root Canal Treatment Be Made Comfortable?

By treating each patient and each procedure as unique, Cape Dental Care’s dentists help ensure that everything is done to make your treatment as free of stress and worry as possible. Our root canal therapies are performed using local anesthetic, keeping your procedure free of pain and discomfort. We also offer a range of sedation dentistry treatments, including nitrous oxide and IV sedation. We do everything we can to deliver the root canal treatment you need in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. It’s part of why we offer our Patient Comfort Promise:

Cape Dental Care is committed to ensuring your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our dentists and support staff provide every patient with the utmost of courtesy and gentle dental care. Each treatment takes place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and every patient room offers a therapeutic view of our soothing and beautiful aviary. We also offer a wide range of anesthetics, sedatives, and pain relief options for patients whose treatments or personal needs demand them. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns with your dentist. We guarantee every effort will be made to accommodate your needs or requests.

After your tooth has been cleared of infected tissue, it will be filled with gutta percha, a kind of rubber, which prevents further pain or infection. It is then sealed shut, and can soon be used as usual. Talk with your dentist/endodontist about tips for aftercare following your treatment.


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