Fillings Invisible To The Naked Eye

When most people think of dental fillings for their cavities, they usually conjure up images of unattractive, silver-colored dental amalgam. For decades, dental amalgam was the go-to choice for dentists. Cheap, flexible, and durable, it was an excellent way to fill cavities and fix minor damage. The drawback, of course, was its noticeably dark and shiny appearance. For years, patients wondered why their dental restoration had to be so visible. Now, using composite resin, you can get fillings that blend in completely with your teeth, so that no-one will ever suspect that your tooth has been filled. At Cape Dental Care, we’ve saved countless patients from embarrassment due to their fillings. We have years of experience providing high quality composite fillings – alongside traditional amalgam fillings, where necessary – to Cape Coral and Lee County.


Cavities: Their Causes, How To Stop Further Damage

The most common reason for fillings is dental cavities. Cavities are caused by bacteria. Pockets of bacteria often escape brushing or flossing. If this happens, the bacteria can start to eat through your tooth’s enamel, the protective shell that makes up the surface of your teeth. Once this happens, the inside of your tooth, also known as the dentin, is exposed to the bacteria. Dentin is much softer, and therefore much more vulnerable to bacteria. When bacteria reaches dentin, it can quickly chew through your tooth, spreading the decay to other parts of your mouth. Because of this, quick action is important if your tooth’s enamel has been compromised. By clearing out bacteria and replacing decayed tooth matter with durable, protective materials, a dental filling is your best option when faced with a cavity.


Amalgam Vs. Composite, Making The Best Choice For You

Every filling is different, and our dentists approach every treatment as an individual case. We want to make sure you choose the material that’s right for you. Despite its appearance, dental amalgam still has its benefits. When out of view or in high-stress areas, such as molars, amalgam can be an effective, affordable filling solution. Composite, on the other hand, is a flexible and versatile choice, that works well in visible, low-stress to moderate-stress areas. Composite fillings can usually handle high-stress areas as well, though regular check-ups are suggested in case they need upkeep. At our practice, composite fillings are by far the most popular choice, especially for patients who value the look of their smile as well as its function.


How Will My Dental Filling Be Made Comfortable?

Getting a cavity filled is a quick and easy procedure. Before being filled, your tooth will be treated and shaped to receive the filling. If your dentists suggests amalgam, the material will be mixed by your dentist before application. Though soft when first applied, amalgam hardens rapidly. Composite resin is a soft, sculptable material. Your dentist will speed up its hardening through the use of a special laser or UV light. Whatever material you chose, your tooth will be ready for use right after your procedure.

During the preparation and filling of your tooth, your dentist will use local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable, painless procedure. Our practice also offers a range of sedation dentistry options, such as nitrous oxide and IV sedation, to patients who feel uncomfortable or nervous going into their filling. This is part of the guarantee we offer with our Patient Comfort Promise:

Cape Dental Care is committed to ensuring your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our dentists and support staff provide every patient with the utmost of courtesy and gentle dental care. Each treatment takes place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and every patient room offers a therapeutic view of our soothing and beautiful aviary. We also offer a wide range of anesthetics, sedatives, and pain relief options for patients whose treatments or personal needs demand them. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns with your dentist. We guarantee every effort will be made to accommodate your needs or requests.

Depending on the material and location of your filling, a small amount of aftercare may be required. Talk with your dentist about the ways you can best take care of your teeth and your filling.


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