Short Term Orthodontics

Straighter Teeth, A More Beautiful Smile – All In Just Six Months

People sometimes ask us, “Be honest – just how short are ‘short-term’ orthodontics?” The answer never fails to surprise them: Six months. That’s right, only six months. This is all thanks to Cape Dental Care’s partnership with Six Month Smiles ™, a revolutionary new system for straightening teeth that delivers results in  –  you guessed it  –  just six months.


But Really, Just Six Months?!

Many people reach their twenties unhappy with the look of their smile. For some with cracked or discolored teeth, a quick cosmetic treatment can fix their issues. But for many adults with crooked or misaligned teeth, the thought of spending years in bulky, uncomfortable, and unattractive braces is off-putting. All that has changed with Six Month Smiles ™. This cutting edge system is designed for long-lasting results, delivered on average in just six months’ time. Not only that, Six Month Braces are sleek, unobtrusive, and designed to blend in with your teeth. When our dentists first saw this system, back in 2011, we knew we had to bring it to Cape Coral and the rest of Lee County. Ever since, it’s been delivering exceptional results for our patients.


How Do Six Month Smiles ™ Work?

The Six Month Smiles ™ system was designed to streamline braces and your experience while wearing them. The system relies on its Patient Tray Kits ™ to customise your treatment and meet your teeth’s unique needs. The braces use see-through, Lucid-Lok ® brackets and tooth-colored wire to make your braces near-invisible.  The Six Month Smiles ™ system works as quickly as well as it does because it was specifically designed for short-term, long-lasting tooth correction.


Will My Six Month Braces Be Comfortable?

Most patients experience some discomfort while wearing braces, and go through a short adjustment period. It can take some time to get used to the feel and the way braces impact your daily habits. Any pain or sensitivity, however, is easily manageable, and most patients quickly adapt to their Six Month Braces. If you are experience serious discomfort or pain, or feel you require an adjustment to your braces, your orthodontist will be happy to meet with you. Your comfort is of paramount importance to us. It’s why we crafted our Patient Comfort Promise:

 Cape Dental Care is committed to ensuring your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our dentists and support staff provide every patient with the utmost of courtesy and gentle dental care. Each treatment takes place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and every patient room offers a therapeutic view of our soothing and beautiful aviary. We also offer a wide range of anesthetics, sedatives, and pain relief options for patients whose treatments or personal needs demand them. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns with your dentist. We guarantee every effort will be made to accommodate your needs or requests.

Talk to our staff about the steps you can take to ensure your six months go by comfortably.

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