It is always unfortunate when someone looses all of their teeth and has to have them replaced with a prosthetic devise called a denture.  It means the patient’s teeth had become disease to a point that they were no longer an asset.  Fortunately, the doctors at Cape Dental Care can replace your missing teeth with well fitted, comfortable, and esthetic dentures.  The process is preformed in 4-5 appointment for maximum satisfaction:

  1. Consultation, final impressions, shade and size of teeth.
  2. Records appointment: The smile is recorded in a wax wafer noting how wide your mouth is a rest, where your canines will be placed, high smile line, facial/lip positions, and the bite.
  3. Wax try-in: This is a very important appointment.  This is where the actual teeth that will be in the denture is set in the records wax wafer, and tried in the mouth for approval.  This appointment can be repeated as many times as needed to get the esthetics perfect.  In difficult cases we have the laboratory technician there to move the teeth as needed for the patient’s immediate satisfaction.
  4. Delivery: If all goes well the dentures are delivered.  The bite is verified, the tissue fit is checked, and the patient is instructed on how to maintain their new prosthetics.
  5. Denture adjustment: There maybe an occasional sore spot that will be addressed as needed.