“Where can I find toothpaste with xylitol?” is a question we are asked everyday at Cape Dental Care.

Unfortunately, to purchase manufactured xylitol toothpaste you will have to either go to a specialty health food store or order it over the internet.  It is usually more expensive than regular brand toothpastes ($6 plus shipping) and may not have the proper fluoride content or flavor you like.  Fortunately, you do not have to settle for an off brand xylitol toothpaste formula especially if you are satisfied with your current toothpaste brand or have special needs such as sensitive teeth.  The answer is simple, make your own xylitol toothpaste.


  • Go to the health food store or internet and purchase granular xylitol sugar.  It comes in pound bags for about $7 plus shipping.  It is more expensive than regular sugar but will last a very long time.
  • Place a few tablespoons of xylitol sugar in a small plastic dish/bowl next to your bathroom sink.
  • Place your regular toothpaste on your toothbrush like normal and dip the brush/toothpaste into the xylitol sugar bowl coating the paste with an ample amount of granular sugar.
  • Brush and floss.  It will be more effective than store bought pastes and taste great!
  • If you rinse a lot after your regular home oral hygiene then just wet your finger and touch it to the xylitol and place it in your mouth before you go to bed for added protection.
Homemade Xylitol toothpaste Homemade Xylitol toothpaste Homemade Xylitol toothpaste Homemade Xylitol toothpaste
Xylitol Sugar Any Toothpaste Coat with Xylitol Brush!

Xylitol MI Paste

The same thing can be done with with MI paste. Just place a small dab of MI paste onto the end of your finger and then touch the paste on your finger into a dish of xylitol granules before placing it onto your tongue. Then with your tongue spread it all over your teeth and go to bed. Simple and tastes great!


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